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Valve “Must Remove Hate Groups!”

Valve has once again become the subject of controversy as it has come to light that the company is secretly destroying Steam groups they claim to possess or spread “hate speech”.

Internet denizens realized that these forced shut-downs took place after various sites (such as Motherboard and Huffington Post) published articles regarding Steam groups getting away with “hate speech” and “hateful iconography”, an inevitable fact considering the sheer abundance of groups in existence and the propensity of SJW faux-gamers to find something to be offended by.

A petition has naturally already formed in the heat of the controversy, with more than 27,000 people signing in hopes that Valve will remove the toxic groups (“over 173” are estimated to be in existence) from Steam so that they can have their gaming safe space.

More politically strident “Nazi” and nationalist groups aside, whiners have also been demanding that Valve expunge anti-feminist groups, in something of a replay of GamerGate in miniature.

Valve for its part seems not to have made any official comment on the matter.

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