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Made In Abyss Films Due Winter, Possible OVA

Two Made In Abyss “recap” films are to release this winter as a way of whetting appetites for season 2, and hints have been made about an OVA.

According to the official Japanese site for Made in Abyss, the two feature films are set to be named Tabidachi no Yoake (Journey’s Dawn) and Hourou Suru Tasogare (Wandering Twilight). An “episode” has also been teased, which may take the form of an OVA.

Unfortunately, the films are intended to be recaps, so it is unlikely that fans will see very much material that is truly new; their release may instead be seen as a money-grabbing exercise. Details about the “episode” are more scarce, and fans may be hoping that it is intended as a bridge between the two seasons and contains new storylines.

The air date for the second season of the naked loli whipping anime has not been announced, and the fact that the recap films are being released this winter means that a 2019 air date is most likely.

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  • The collected boxsets only sold around 5-6k first week. This looks like quite an expensive show to produce, so no doubt they’d use existing footage and make movies ala recaps.

    I have no problem with that if it helps get a second season made. The first season had such amazing art/animation that I hope they retain the same quality.

    • The thing that pisses me off about the current anime industry is how the international releases are handled. There are shows that take years to make it to bluray. By that time, virtually all of the hype has died down and most of the fans have already moved on. How well would MiA have sold if it were available in the US and UK a few months after it aired on TV?

      • >There are shows that take years to make it to bluray.

        Because Japan and the United States/Canada share the same regional coding for Blu Rays. Studios have to implement some kind of delay to stop reverse importation, especially when the American release is significantly cheaper.

        You could go onto Amazon Japan now and pick up both Made in Abyss boxsets for around 30k yen.(around $300) these boxsets are gorgeous and have some amazing extras. The American release would probably be $40 and be barebones.

        Studios that are self funding production need money from disc sales to keep the lights on.

    • I do wonder what the break even point was for the studio. The boxsets were around 15-20k yen each, in two releases. I read that the average studio breaks even around 4-5k, but even then a lot of the school life anime out there can’t compare to Made in Abyss. But that break even point was factoring in your typical 5-6 volume release rather than a split season release.