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44.5% of Japanese Women Hate Their Breasts

Japanese women asked a series of questions about their breasts have revealed that almost half the women surveyed are dissatisfied with them in some way, most evidently not satisfied with only the first two letters of the alphabet.

Himawari Life Insurance solicited the opinions of 1,000 Japanese women, in groups of 250 in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

One of the general questions they faced was whether or not they actually like their own breasts, with only 4.8% claiming to “like them” and 16.3% saying they “sort of like them”; 25.5% don’t like them and 19% don’t like them whatsoever – 34.4% however neither liked nor disliked ’em.

When asked to rate their breasts on a scale of 1 to 100, the average turned out to be a rather meager 46.1 – presumably demonstrating that Japanese women lack confidence or are truly dissatisfied with themselves.

The desire for a larger chest doesn’t necessarily seem to be the reason for their disappointment, as their ideal sizes have been revealed to be 34.7% for C-cup, 26.9% for D, 10.7% for B, 10% for E, 3.2% for F, 0.7 for larger than F, 2.8% for A and 11% for no ideal size.

The women were even asked what vital factors make for the best breasts:

60.1%: bounciness/perkiness
49.6%: “upwards orientation”
38.2%: size and cleavage
32.4%: softness
31.4%: “having a bright color on top”
27.1%: smoothness
23.1%: compact nipples
10.8%: no factor in particular

Lastly, women were asked if they’d ever felt perturbed by something a man has said about their breasts, with 31.9% saying they had at some point had a less than flattering comment, and the rest apparently having managed to satisfy whoever they were showing them to at the time.

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