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Onahole Spotlight: The Gichy Gichy Tight Virgin Onahole

Hello, Sankaku readers, this is Peter Payne of J-List. Welcome to my first guest post on Sankaku!

We been selling interesting onaholes from Japan for about a decade now, and we’ve carried some fun ones, including everything from everyone’s favorite blue-haired maid Rem to the official Satania sex toy.

But while it’s always fun to add a fantasy element to your “you” time, when all is said and done, we really love the high quality products of Toy’s Heart, who distinguish themselves with really high quality manufacturing. And the most popular onahole from the company — the most popular onahole in J-List’s history actually — is this one, the Gichy Gichy Tight Virgin Onahole. Let’s take a look!

This is the outside box for the toy, which simulates a cute twintailed girlfriend who’s a virgin, and ready to give her first time to you. “Gichy gichy” is the onomatopoeia for something squeaking as it slides into a tight space.

The outside of the Gichy Gichy Tight Virgin Onahole. The toy is amazing, appearing just like the real thing, and the outside is realistically soft, just like human skin.

The cross section of the toy, which has many features that make it incredible. A realistic opening, with secondary opening that re-create the inner lips. Large bumps on the top, plus not one but two realistic rough G-spots along the bottom. Get past these, and you have a “gichy gichy zone” that wraps securely around you, but is made of a different, softer material that most accurately simulates what a real girl feels like inside.

Japanese onaholes have a “start rating” to indicating what they’re like inside. This toy is rated as loose and comfortable in the first half, but tight and high-sensitivity when you’re all the way inside in her guts.

Internal View of the Gichy Gichy Virgin Onahole

Open it up — the onomatopoeia “sound” of that in Japanese is kupaa in case you wondered — and it all looks very inviting. Her inexperienced peach-colored insides beckon to you. “It’s okay to do it without a condom, oniichan. Today is a safe day.”

The gichy gichy zone is basically a secondary ring of tightness that lets you move inside her uterus before you release. Like any good onahole, it will start out somewhat stiff but loosen to match your size and shape over time.

While the toy is soft and awesome, the inner portion is “hard” (being made of a different, firmer material), which you can feel as you use the toy. This is done through an amazing manufacturing process Toy’s Heart has developed. We don’t have genetically engineered catgirls, but at least science is giving us amazing innovations like this.

This toy is amazing for another reason, because it comes with Gichy Gichy Lotion, which is a “scented” lotion that’s got a slightly musty odor, to complete your total onahole experience. The toy comes with a small bottle of the lotion, but you can buy a larger one from the site directly. It’s one of our most popular products.

The Gichy Gichy Tight Virgin Onahole is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality, and in accordance with Japan’s high manufacturing standards. To clean after use, wipe out five or six times with a tissue until completely dry inside. With proper maintenance, you should get months or even years of use out of this onahole.

Your Gichy Gichy girlfriend is waiting for you. Order her from J-List right now!

All J-List adult orders are shipped in a discrete and careful manner, with no indication of any adult contents. Also, we have a new, higher level of privacy for you too: an Anonymous Shipping Service (A.S.S.) in which your order will be carefully repacked in generic packaging, with the outer box removed.

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