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Final Fantasy XII’s Vayne Coming To Dissidia NT

Scheming nobleman Vayne Carudas Solidor is to come to Final Fantasy Dissidia NT as the game’s first DLC character.

Vayne will be the first of six DLC characters to be released for the PlayStation 4 fighting game and the second character from Final Fantasy XII; fledgling protagonist Vaan has been with the game since the beginning. The timing of the reveal is apt, as Final Fantasy XII has recently seen a resurgence of popularity, perhaps as a result of the PC port of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age gaining an unusually positive reaction by Square-Enix’s standards.

A gameplay trailer has also been published, showing Vayne engaging in a fast-paced, visually impressive and physically implausible fight with Vaan in the middle of the royal city of Rabanastre:

Five more DLC characters are yet to be revealed, one of whom will be a female from games VIII-XV who has already appeared in the Dissidia games, and four of whom will be new to the fighting game franchise. Two of these newcomers will be males from games VIII-XV, one will be a male from games I-VII and another will be a female character from games VIII-XV.

Unfortunately, Vayne will not be available immediately: he will join the fray on the 26th of April. He is set to appear in both the PlayStation 4 version of the game and as an update for the arcade version.

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