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UK Bans Omega Labyrinth Z Too

Oppai-centric rogue-like Omega Labyrinth Z has seemingly become the most despised game in existence as yet another bravely progressive country – this time the UK – has refused it classification in order to keep the youth pure enough for rape gangs to find interest in defiling.

The UK’s VSC Rating Board denied the title classification due to it having the potential to harm those who view its more “outrageous” content, such as children, a curious claim as the same could be said for innumerable other games in the UK:

“The VSC Rating Board has ruled that the video game, Omega Labyrinth Z, will not be issued a UK Certificate of Classification.

This refusal is relevant to physical product only (disc, cartridge, etc.) Under the terms of the Video Recordings Act (1984), the VSC Rating Board is required to consider the likelihood of any game causing harm to the user and, subsequently, to wider society by the way in which the game deals with and portrays images of criminal, violent or horrific behaviour, illegal drugs and human sexual activity. The grounds for this decision are as follows: – The likely harm being caused to a viewer or potential viewer, e.g. children or young people.”

As indicated however, this thankfully only applies to physical distribution, so online providers such as Steam should be a convenient means of acquiring the sexy goodness that is Omega Labyrinth Z; but considering Valve’s censor-happy nature recently, such a privilege may be short-lived.

The entire statement from the VSC Rating Board can be read online; Omega Labyrinth Z will come westward via the PS4 and Vita sometime in spring of this year.

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