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Maidens Of Michael Banned From Steam After Cuck Complains

MangaGamer’s lusty yuri visual novel Maidens Of Michael has become the next big Steam controversy as it has been banned from the platform despite being the all-ages version with no sex scenes whatsoever after some numale soytard objected to its depictions of healthy lesbian schoolgirl tongue hockey.

Not even 3 weeks after its launch on February 22nd, Maidens Of Michael vanished from Steam on March 8th with absolutely no reason provided by Valve – even MangaGamer were shocked by the event and were unaware of why, tweeting that they’ll respond as soon as they find out:

Maidens Of Michael, like an assortment of other adult visual novels on Steam, was present on the platform in an “all-ages” version, devoid of any nudity or hardcore sex scenes so that the title could be sold to sensitive snowflakes – but according to one sleuth, it seems the family friendly version had a few nip-slips:

The game may return once this issue is corrected, though others have naturally criticized Valve, claiming this to be another instance of them censoring hot girl-on-girl romance whilst going soft on the obligatory LBTQWTF degeneracy which soy-fed game developers insert at every opportunity to prove their progressive credentials.

One user alone may have been the reason the game was nuked; according to a screenshot, this user reported that the game had “uncensored sexual acts between minors” (even though the all-ages version does not) to Steam support, demanding the offensive game be removed from his profile and that it violated Canadian law – a Steam representative provided a reply and acknowledged his request:

Valve and MangaGamer supposedly even came to an agreement regarding allowing uncensored patches on Steam some time ago, but Valve apparently broke this compact after Christian censor groups were informed and discovered other uncensored games on Steam, prompting them to threaten to sue Valve for distributing porn to minors.

Other visual novel titles have already been victims of this intransigence, being banned temporarily or even permanently for perceived faults, even as the Steam platform becomes ever more awash with blatant scamware.

Trolljob or no, it has become apparent at this point that Valve is as cucked as the Canadian when it comes to Japanese visual novels – and considering how easily triggered the snowflake brigade has become, it is likely that such occurrences will continue…

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