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Final Fantasy VII Remake Recruiting Once More

Seemingly uncertain about what they want to do, Square Enix has once again put up a job listing for their greatly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake, baffling many as to how they still do not have all the members they need for such a hotly demanded title.

Some of the highlights of the job as penned by Square Enix:

– A major project of fully remaking Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4.

– Can work in the best development environment!

– Gain experience in a flat organization, use your talents to your heart’s content.

– Recruiting core members for the project!

– Work on a big title for a chance to help your career!

– Enjoy flexibility with discretionary work system and good benefits.

The listing states that those who assume the role of level planner will be tasked with organizing workflow of location development, as well as brainstorming level designs for locations while also implementing data using Unreal Engine 4.

Progress on the title so far has also been divulged, with Square Enix claiming that their progress on reproducing the original game in high definition is currently at a satisfactory level, but that they need to push even further beyond in order to meet fan expectations.

In an attempt to try and stifle potential rumors (or perhaps hide the truth), Square Enix has remarked that this job listing is by no means a last minute replacement due to work volume, the statement sure to have fans speculating on the game’s current state.

Square Enix has also assured potential recruits that they don’t need to know anything about Final Fantasy VII to get the job, something which perhaps bodes ill for fans hoping for a remake preserving the spirit of the original…

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