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Kemono Friends Puzzle Gokko Filches Music

The release of generic match-3 game Kemono Friends Puzzle Gokko has been met with negative criticism in more ways than one, as some players have snooped around inside the game’s files and found that the developers simply snagged their soundtrack from an illegal music site.

A few crafty internet sleuths opened some of the game’s music files only to discover that they were lifted from an illegal music site (with the developers being so lazy they couldn’t be bothered to delete the comments in the file properties):

Why the developers would need to download the anime’s soundtrack illegally in the first place instead of it just being given to them naturally has many bewildered.

Unsurprisingly, the game is being bombarded with negative comments and 1-star reviews:

“Inferior goods using the name of Kemono Friends.”

“It is a forgery. Please be careful.”

“Since there are suspicions of illegality you’d best not install it.”

“This is awful, I am sad.”

“An existing game made to look like Kemono Friends. Because there is no story, there is no necessity for the game to be Kemono Friends. I’ve also found out that the BGM used in the game was downloaded from an illegal site. Please be careful if you decide to play.”

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