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Blanka Soon To Electrify Street Fighter V Roster

Green-skinned Brazilian wildman Blanka will come to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on the 20th of February.

Blanka’s entrance comes soon after the release of short-skirted schoolgirl Sakura Kasugano. Although there will probably be less demand for Blanka nude mods, fans of the series will surely be delighted to see his return, albeit in the form of DLC.

Blanka’s storyline will apparently revolve around the concept of mass produced Blanka plushies, and although he has adapted to human civilisation to greatest degree possible for someone living in Brazil, he will retain many of his traditional fighting abilities, such as unparalleled aggression and use of electricity.

Blanka will cost the extortionate sum of $5.99 if he is bought as a single character, or $29.99 if he is purchased as part of a season pass alongside Sakura, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat. The gameplay trailer can be seen below:

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