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Caroline & Justine Figures + Persona 5 Plushies

Fans will be able to get their hands on magnetised plush toys of all nine Phantom Thieves members, including navigator Futaba and a certain pancake-loving detective. Prize figures of Caroline and Justine will release soon after.

Corocot plush toys have been announced by Algernon Product and are set to release in May. The round toys are magnetised, which will surely give buyers more options when it comes to displaying them.

Despite their small size (the oblate spheroids are 70mm high and 65mm wide), the full set of nine will sell for ¥8,554. They are available for pre-order on Amazon’s Japanese site and at Atlus’ shop, and early orders will also get a Phantom Thieves calling card.

Unpainted figurines of Caroline and Justine have also been revealed recently. Dengeki has announced that Caroline’s model is scheduled to go on sale on the 4th of August’s with Justine’s model to follow on the 4th of September.

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