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Parents Irate at ¥90,000 Armani School Uniforms

A head teacher’s decision to make all pupils at his elementary school buy ¥90,000 ($828) Armani uniforms has been drawing the ire of parents, not least because the school is a public one.

The Tokyo school (Taimei Elementary School) will be adopting an Armani brand uniforms come April, which will require parents to cough up about ¥90,000; the current uniform – which consists of a jacket, long-sleeved shirt, pants and a cap – costs being a more typical (for central Tokyo at least) ¥17,755 for boys and ¥19,277 for girls.

Parents have naturally been highly critical of this change, expressing shock over how the school would make elementary school students wear such expensive clothing.

School officials, guardians, local residents and the like usually gather to discuss matters regarding school uniforms such as their price and design, but it has been confirmed that the shift to Armani uniforms was solely the decision of the principal and that no group consultation or surveys were held at all.

Believing that the pricey outfit would help establish the institute’s identity as a “Ginza” school, the principal has stood by his decision despite all the criticism, saying that such a snazzy uniform will “help teach kids to take care of their uniforms.”

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