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School Breaks Record, Scissors 44 Delinquents

Naughty students who thought they could get away with not having hair up to the standards of their omnipotent school have instead gotten it cut, the obsession of teachers with hair length matched only by their obsession with skirt length.

Mizuhashi high school of Toyama City recently inspected the attire and appearance of students to make sure they are up to code, resulting in 6 teachers having to cut the hair of 44 students who did not make the grade – a sign that the students either do not care for the rules or that the school is incredibly strict.

According to the teachers, the students gave their consent to allow this mass hair-cutting, which the school’s principal claimed “was guidance that shouldn’t have had to been given.”

Once a month the school exams the outfit and hair of its students to make sure that everything is in order; in regards to hair, the bangs of both male and female students must be of a length where the eyebrows can be seen and the sideburns of males should be at the middle of their ears.

Students are constantly reminded to adhere to school regulations for their uniforms and hair, in the case those regulations are not abided by, the student’s “consent” is sought to make proper adjustments – both female and male students were subjected to this hair-cutting.

The principal apologized over his failure to prevent the students from going rogue in so shameful a manner, saying “I am deeply sorry that I did not catch this fact from a managerial position. I apologize to students and their guardians.”

The faculty division of the prefecture’s board of education chimed in on the abhorrent situation as well, stating that “it is truly regrettable that such guidance has gone too far. We want to appropriately respond to these situations in the future.”

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