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“Anime Voice Megaphone” To Be Used For Controlling Otaku Hordes

Japan has developed the “Animegaphone“: a device that turns anyone’s voice into that of an anime character and that may be used to win the attention of misbehaving otaku.

The delinquency of otaku crowds has reached such a point that authorities are now forced to consider creative means of controlling their frenzies. The animegaphone is being touted by its creators as a method of actually making the crowds listen by exploiting their well known and excessive weakness to kawaii bishoujo.

It has oft been noted that crazed crowds of otaku rarely listen to the instructions of police and security guards under normal circumstances, but allowing security personnel to adopt the voice of a well-known character from a popular anime may trigger the selective hearing of sex-starved 2D-enthusiasts.

The device will be tested on the 18th of February, during the Wonder Festival convention in Chiba; the voices of Hiroaki Hirata and Kotori Koiwai will be used in an attempt to corral the unwashed masses. If it proves successful, the animegaphone is likely to be used both at conventions and at idol concerts, where it will no doubt be calibrated to imitate the voice of a particularly relevant voice actor or singer.

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