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Olympic Skaters Make History With “Yuri On Ice” Routine

Japanese figure skaters Miu Suzaki and Ryuichi Kihara have left anime fans in tears after they set their Winter Olympics routine to music from Yuri on Ice.

The Japanese pair have earned widespread praise and brought worldwide attention to Yuri on Ice with their Winter Olympic routine. Although they did not rank first in the competition, their routine will surely be the most talked about of the event:

The online reactions were perhaps inevitable

Twitter users have been praising the athletes for making “real Olympic history” and delivering a “fabulous if not magical performance”. Victor Nikiforov’s voice actor, Junichi Suwabe, had the following to say:

My heart is burning when I think of our music playing on the Olympic stage!

The show’s co-creator, Kubo Mitsurou, was also overjoyed to hear the soundtrack on the world stage:

Thank you so much for taking this song to the Olympics!

The pair are currently eighth in the event, with the Russian team – which is not competing under its national flag – topping the table so far.

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