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33% Believe Idol Fans “Lolicon”

Creepily devoted idol otaku have been singled out for shaming by this latest survey, which questioned the masses as to whether or not they believe males who support female teen idols are a bunch of lolicon degenerates – with females who support male teen idols oddly being excluded.

Many idol groups employ girls in their mid or early teens, and they tend to be just as worshiped as their older colleagues, but given the occasionally disturbing levels of devotion that otaku flaunt, 1,336 men and women from 20-60 years of age nationwide were asked whether they believe males who support teen idols are lolicon.

A graph representing the percentage of those in each age group asked the rather loaded question (both men and women) who replied they believe (male) teen idol supporters are lolicon:

Overall, about 33.7% of those surveyed believed that otaku who make a hobby of cheering on teenage idols are lolicon – with the majority apparently being under the impression that idol fans are merely passionate individuals who just happen to enjoy wholesome handshaking events now and again.

Some quotes from those who participated in the survey:

“Even idols in their twenties give off the impression that they are quite young. So, I believe there are quite a few idol fans who have little girls as a hobby.” – 20-year-old woman

“Teenagers however can change considerably in their early teens or later teens. In their early teens, they’re no longer children. If you are looking at such teenagers as a heterosexual male…” – 30-year-old woman

“I support a variety of idols, but it is completely different from romantic feelings. I’m cheering them on so that they do their best because it is the role of fans to watch over their growth.” – 30-year-old man

“There are numerous cases of people who like only young members for a limited time.

I’m quite enthusiastic about those in their early teens but you start to feel your interest die as they gradually grow older.

Of course, things such as dyed brown hair and piercing are absolutely no good. And if a younger child appears, I’m an immediate supporter.” – 40-year-old man

“A junior at my company, said that he likes AKB’s 14-year-old member.

He seemed to be an ordinary young man, so I did not particularly think much of it.

But when I heard that my 40-year-old cousin liked the same member, it drew my attention.” – 30-year-old woman

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  • I find it funny that right now liking same sex is morally accepted, but liking someone younger is considered a mental disorder? Both are measured in the moral sense, which seems to be changing with times.

    not supporting lolicons or gays, just finding it weird that one is different from the others

    • I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty bits and I’m not really prepared to heavily defended this argument since it’s not something I feel that strongly about and pedophilla is a very touchy subject (da dum tish)
      But how is liking someone as young as 14 anymore controllable than liking someone on your own sex? People used to call being gay a mental disorder and now its just seen as a sexual preference.

      • Sorry but it’s time to wake up and face the science behind what makes a person gay, it never was sexual preference.. already proven to be a mental disorder else a medical condition while birth yeah either they are mental or they are sick , choose your pick. I’m fine with either after all we already are on our way to overpopulating the earth and so much orphans on the streets, hope every gay couple adopts kids with their marriage mentally damage those kids too so that those kids also become gay or hopefully open minded in the long run so that they can find pity for the people who have this condition but see the good in it. In the end we get two birds with one stone, families that provide for orphans and less birthrates included the possibility of suicide from being bullied at school for having two dads or whatever they call it now ? so yeah that’s gonna be a good thing for the earth ..least overall it seems sane.

    • And you know what really confounds me? When gays can marry, women can marry train stations and fuck trees if there’s love, but siblings can’t.

      And don’t try me with all this bullshit about genetic disorders. The handful of extremely rare autosomal recessive conditions that are increased in consanguineous relationships require hundreds of generations to be significant. If you were that worried about the future of humankind you’d first do something about the plethora of brainless fuckwits churning out 15 pigets a decade on welfare without being about to provide from them.

    • How is it wierd? One is gay one is attracted to younger girls. They are completely different. Up untill a hundred years ago it was perfectly fine, acceptable, and the norm to marry before 14, society’s views have become immorally moral. “Homosexuality is wrong, but it’s wrong to force my views on you” “you like little girls? Youre a sick fking pervert, go die”

      A man hits puberty at an early age, and what types and ages of girls he likes is determined by the feelings and emotions he has as a kid. Every straight male will have some sort of attraction to teenage girls.

    • Most idols are in their late teens/early 20’s anyway. This is just Japan being retarded. This is a country that censors a bare clit as if this was a crime against humanity, but lets fucked up snuff shit get sold everywhere (draw by, say, Hal).

    • Personally i’d like to say ..i don’t give a shit about idols and the media brainwashing tactics, doubt that the whole world is stupid enough to fall for these media brainwashing crap .. I like girls, ones who have the proper aspects where it counts like sporty/healthy ones but gotta be that proper age obviously not below 18 .. considering that if anyone goes with the 18 range they aren’t all so intellectual thus skip another 2 years ahead and call in within the age range of 20 years or so on, this might be the proper scale since they are neither stupid or unhealthy at this time of age; least so by my experience that is however that doesn’t mean you can’t find E’ffing stupid and extremely unhealthy at the age of 20… and as for the matter of liking “young girls” i gotta agree that “IF” i was in acquainted with someone who was 17 and falling into my preferences “a bit sporty/healthy, reliable intellect or reasonable life skills”(which is pretty rare as i believe it to be) included that this person was into me for some reason?. i’d probably wait rather than risking anything and this is me being honest about it “i like some slender and a bit of innocence” but that doesn’t mean I’m into much younger “children” who aside of any gender will always be children in my eyes; and obviously by witnessing life i am pretty certain that you cannot do parenting if your partner isn’t a proper adult who understands life and that is something that comes from the years of experience living life and something that certainly between the age of 14-18 will rarely come to be aware of; however when they hit 18-20 they’d least be responsible adults who have learned to take action and be responsible while thinking more than once by what they do(doubt that too is always the case of today’s young ones. Do i think too old style? must be the years..).

    • They ARE different, though. Liking someone of the same sex doesn’t hurt anyone. Liking fucking children in a sexual way is pretty fucking bad. I f they’re younger, there’s no issue, but there is a limit and somethings you shouldn’t act on. Liking young idols is ok, but you have to admit that it is a very weird thing to do. It’s like grown as women liking Justin Bieber sexually back when has a doing “Baby” kinds of weird.

      • You are severely confusing “interest” with “action” here, like most normies.

        If someone is a pedo or whatever but doesn’t act on it, then no crime happened, so leave them alone. What we as society should be gunning for are the child molesters (hint: it’s in the term name what they do), because, whether they are pedos OR NOT, they have actually commited a crime.

        What we also should do is offer free counselling to those who may feel like they’re about to commit a crime, and give them substitutes like loli anime/manga/vidja or loli sex bots once these things become mass-producable, while keeping a firm stance that *child molestation* is one of the, if not THE, most heinous crime and will be prosecuted.

        Confusing child molesters with pedos is just stupidity, or maybe an intentional scare tactic, and we should not fall for it. There is always a better way.

        • So many misconceptions about this argument: first pedophilia/lolicon (the last term is more vague) is attraction towards prepubescent children, so below 10-13 years old (the limit is difficult to draw, because people develop secondary sex characteristics, at different ages). It is normal for a male to be attracted to a young teen girl who is sexually mature (I talk about 14-18 years old), because if she become pregnant it will be her first child, so she has more time and resources to dedicated to it, which means yours progeny as higher survival/success chances. When trying to understand how humans act, it is important to consider that our basically physiological instinct (to eat, drink, excrete, sleep, reproduce) are still wired to work in the environment in which humans lived 10.000 years ago, really different from our own.

        • Pedo’s and anyone who have strong sexual feeling towards children should not be condemned but need help to find psychological help before they act on it, child molesters should simply meet the end of a firing squad.

          • gays are physically gays – they have a part of brain from woman!, becasuse of DNA mejosis error, so they are determinated to desire mans – changing gay to non gay is like changing woman to man. Pedophiles have two types: 1st desires loli looking girls – they can get substitute in loli looking adult woman, 2nd :effect of molestation, feminasism – they have problem with desire against children’s and their innocence – this can be healed with psychology but 1st type loli woman can help too.

      • Attraction has nothing to do with consent; I’m actually not sure people realize that before they begin preaching. Do you live in a world where you’re unable to find someone attractive until they’ve formally given you their consent first?

      • Rather amusing, that 200 years ago the government was giving twelve year olds guns to kill their fellow man and less than 500 years ago girls were being married off, right after their first menstral cycle, yet today none of these ‘children’ are held responsible for committing violent crimes like murder. and everyone acts like these ‘kids’ are no longer capable of making their own decisions, without weighing the consequences of their actions. Retards, all around.

        • Retards who were born too soon and lacking education cause their parents weren’t adults at the time but 14 year olds ? do preach harder imbecile. The difference of human lifespan 500 years ago vs now is that people live passed their 70’s at most in this era by average but 500 years ago ..not so much at all, this is due to various things that also included sexual habits and sickness that followed with it. not just kids but ignorant scum shouldn’t be at the top making life choices about anyone, that’s why we see a lot of retarded parenting videos online every now and then cause there will be ignorant idiots of your kind.

  • The reason why age of consent exist is to allow girls to ride a cock carousel from 11 to 18 without being pressured by life to settle down. It exists to get them accustomed to the idea that they can change male partners like gloves. And it DOES NOT exist to prevent teens from experiencing sex – teens will fuck each other as soon as they have sexual desire, which can start as soon as puberty starts.

    It is considered a crime if a man with serious intentions of creating a family wants to choose a wife who was not fucked by other guys (which happens to be a loli in most cases). Not being a cuck is a crime in modern world and you will be branded as pedophile and hated by everyone.

  • I am not even sure that “loli” can be applied to teenagers in general. I always figured it sorta started after “toddler-hood” and cut off around puberty. I think the japs need to come up with another term if they wish this to be more socially accepted.

    While I am no idol worshipper myself, I don’t see any real issue with it. The girls are all dressed modestly by western standards compared to the disney whores in the west and their routines aren’t at all sexualized. It is cute and some people like that, and to me that is perfectly fine. The parents seem to have no issues with it either.

  • “with females who support male teen idols oddly being excluded.”

    This line alone pretty much exposed the bullshit in these Fake News surveys.
    Personally, I don’t really care much for 3d idols. But the hypocrisy is too real for me to not say something about this.

    • Yeah… The real question is, “Who cares as long as they’re not acting on it?”.

      I couldn’t give less of a fuck if someone likes anyone/thing as long as they’re not actively involved in hurting them.

      If they’re actively raping someone or buying porn of the someone else doing so, then jail them permanently. Until then, I have zero fucks to give.

        • The population of so called haters, trolls, who propagate hate grows beacause of degeneration of polluted brains. Polluted by patologic society of rat race schools, propaganda of succes, politics and of course by real air and water pollution. It would be great to execute all haters, because they are the source of all evil. They go deeper and deeper in privacy and freedom of other peoples. The boundaries of hate taken races, nations, religions, politics and now go further into other individual characteristics of human beings. Sexuality… Then family state, job, school. Everyting will end on face build, hair color, clothes and… any random thing! The last thing meant, that any person can just die because stay too close near a psycho who run postal just like in this computer game. Humanity must get rid of hate, the source of all evil on Earth.