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Noble Love Sporting Sexy Samurai Maidens

Noble Love, a spicy light novel revolving around samurai, has been seeking funds from interested donators on Kickstarter, a perfect opportunity to help bring a naughty novel overseas whilst bearing witness to the superb artwork of Yukishiro Arute.

Push Publication (who also publish their own original works in English) is begging for funds in order to give the west a chance to experience the glory of yet another light novel.

The light novel’s lewd cover:

The light novel’s main characters:

A3 size posters that will be given to certain donators:

Written by Kishou and illustrated by Yukishiro Arute, Noble Love follows Aoi who joins the “Samurai Special Force” to continue the legacy of his deceased father, upon recruitment he is taken under the wing of the charming Sakura, who teaches him the ways of the samurai whilst romantic feelings begin to bud.

Samurai however are forbidden from becoming romantic with each other, prompting them to keep their love a secret or else be labeled as ronin (samurai who serve without masters due to “losing their way”), now the two must fight not only for their lives but for the sake of their relationship and their ability to be in love.

Those interested in seeing the light novel come westward can donate to its Kickstarter campaign now, which has 23 days left to go – a short preview of the first chapter is also available on their Kickstarter page.

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