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Cops Break Up Pop Team Epic Otaku Frenzy

Otaku and their irreparable obsession with collecting anime bric-a-brac have caused so much chaos at a mask distribution event for Pop Team Epic that the police had to come and shut it all down, possibly putting fans of Pop Team Epic on the same deplorable level as violent Love Live otaku.

Animate Akihabara hosted the distribution event where fans could stop by and grab a “Clone Popu-chin” mask, but the colossal turn-out caused the event to be shut down by police only 5 minutes after starting, truly a testament to how fast rabid otaku can ruin things for everyone.

The giveaway was announced on Twitter:

Subsequently a Twitter post was also written to explain why the event was prematurely concluded:

Today at 3pm and 4pm at Animate Akihabara, we planned to distribute Clone Popu-chin face masks but way too many people stopped by, the situation was deemed too dangerous to continue and we had to suspend it, we are truly very sorry.

The assembled horde could soon be seen disrespecting store staff upon the announcement of the event’s early conclusion:

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