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Otaku Spill Blood At Love Live Concert

Despite the numerous warnings delivered by staff, a bloody fight has taken place at a Love Live event between boisterous otaku, bound to have many eager to see if staff are willing to risk their profits and suspend events as they threatened they would.

According to an eyewitness report, the incident took place at a theater holding the “Shinjuku Baltic 9 Aqours event”, where a fight broke out due to one fan being rather obnoxious while swinging around a “high lumninance blade” of a glowstick that was banned at events:

– There was one guy who was being a nuisance to those around him. (Before the event began, the troublesome man yelled out to what appeared to be his friend)

– A person next to him asked him to stop.

– The offending Love Liver then began to wave his “glowstick” (made from 10 luminescent objects) about.

– Another person from behind made the same request, only more assertively.

– The offender the replied with “what the fuck do you want?”

– Then suddenly a fight broke out.

– This morphed into a battle between the “Ye-tiger” otaku and those who hate their guts.

Ye-tiger otaku (so-called because of their love of an otagei style which involves the phrase “yes tiger”), styling themselves “House Tiger” (based on the kanji reading for “ie-taiga”), are apparently a common presence at underground idol events, so some bad blood may already have been present.

Further testimony from people who were at the scene:

“Some troublemaker at the Baltic 9 event struck someone in the head and made them bleed.”

“Shinjuku Baltic 9 Love Live Sunshine Shanghai fan level injury, along with all kinds of trouble like the light pollution glowsticks.”

“Because I didn’t want to listen to the Ye-tigers, I went home during the 2nd song. I think this has been the worst venue so far.”

One victim took a picture of their injuries sustained during the pointless battle:

“I was struck in the head and started bleeding at the Shinjuku Baltic 9 event.”

It has not been mentioned if the authorities were called over the incident.

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