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Idol “Egg-Play” Scammers Busted

Two men were arrested for fraudulently offering passersby the chance to “play with an idol’s eggs”, an unusual proposition that still proved enticing enough to swindle one innocent idol-loving victim out of ¥700,000.

The two tricksters, aged 35 and 44, were apparently calling out to random people on the streets of Tokyo’s Kabuki-cho, with police suspecting dozens of tourists being swindled out of their cash in the hopes of playing with a precious idol’s “eggs” (whatever that could possibly imply).

Police say that last August, the conniving pair managed to bilk a 23-year-old man who had traveled from Kyushu of ¥700,000, as after paying the money he checked into a neighboring hotel as instructed only to discover that his idol and her precious eggs were a no show.

Whilst experienced seekers of sexy fun time will likely know that any interaction with street touts in the likes of Kabuki-cho or Roppongi is likely to end in tears, dozens of other rubes in the area apparently fell for the same MO – but the pair say they have “no recollection” of any of this.

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