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Japan’s Top 100 Best Selling Games of 2017

Japan’s top 100 video game bestsellers of 2017 have been revealed by Famitsu, resulting in a popular Nintendo franchise that is all about collecting securing the top of the ranking – with the same old formula unsurprisingly proving more popular than anything new and original.

The ranking:

1. Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon (3DS)

2. Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch)

3. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (3DS)

4. Monster Hunter Double Cross (3DS)

5. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (PS4)

6. Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

8. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

9. Pokemon Sun / Moon (3DS)

10. Super Mario Maker (3DS)

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    • The Japanese really love Japanese games. It would do a lot of good for them to play games in English, though. It’s always surprising how even young PC gamers over there can possess so poor English skills. It doesn’t help the situation if every Western game they happen to play has been first tranlated into Japanese. That won’t motivate them to learn the foreign language to understand the game, and on the other hand the game itself obviously won’t teach them anything.

      • I only realised now, much later, I should have written in the original post that I’m not a native English speaker myself. In fact my native tongue isn’t even related to the English language (like the Scandinavian languages or German are, for example). I just studied English at school. I have never visited an English speaking country. So, I have no nationalistic reasons for defending English whatsoever. But I do like the idea all humans from all around the world could use a single language to communicate. English is the closest to that right now, with the added benefit of being reasonably simple and the alphabet being very simple (I don’t even need to mention the Chinese where people are still in the middle of learning their writing system when dying at the venerable age of 95).

        If I could learn English, anyone can learn it.

        • An estimated 1.5 billion people on Earth speak English. According to your number .015 English speaking humans on Earth also speak Japanese… Maybe don’t ass pull statistics your ass can’t fact check.

          • @23:44 You don’t need a degree for anything unless you are planning to teach the language officially, interpret, or do something else along those lines. To be able to play games, watch videos, or tell a taxi driver to get you to the natural history museum doesn’t require any official degrees.

            Aren’t your standards a bit too high?

          • In fact, since english-speak statistics are ridiculously messed up, they can’t be fact checked at all. I mean, you have all range of values from 0.4 to 1.7 billions, none of them taking into account actual proof like the number of degrees from official languague schools but considering dubious facts like “if they study it in a mandatory school program they must have mastered it” a proven fact. So yeah, maybe a huge number of people have studied english to a certain degree as a second language at some point of their lives, but how many of them can actually use it to communicate fluidly? That’s an entirely different thing.

          • Believe me, there are many people in Japan, speaking english enogh to play a game. Also, big ones get japanese dub. Its just those western games (even big ones) are not so appealing to japanese people. Asian mentality differs too much. So its wrong to blame lack of language speaking in the first place.

          • Nobody’s demanding anything. Either you can speak with a very common English knowing foreigner and understand the huge amount of material available in English or you don’t. It’s your choice. If you do know English, there are a lot more options available for you in life. Of course a foreigner learning Chinese, for example, would still receive a nice boost as well, I’m not saying that. But in most cases if you learn a single extra language in addition to your own, English is the natural choice, unless your circumstances for the rest of your life would rather necessitate some other language. This is because while Chinese is the language with most native speakers, English is the language with most speakers in general.

            Sorry, but I don’t understand this “why should they” argument at all. If a Japanese gamer knows only Japanese, then only the games published with a Japanese option are available to them (unless it’s some simple shooter not really requiring understanding). If the gamer knows Japanese+English, there are multiple times more games to choose from. So, why should he? Because it would be pure profit for him. Plain and simple.

          • You all don’t get it. I am not implying English or its native speakers are superior in any way. However, it is a fact that nowadays English is the accepted “common language,” it is what people use when they don’t share a native language. Go to any academic conference, browse non-local sites (like this one), do business with partners in a country whose official language is not the same as yours. In all cases, English is accepted as the language to fallback, at least until people can get translators.

            The reason for this is not the numbers or “superiority” or “bullying” of its speakers; it is historical. You can complain all you like about how your language should be THE language because you are proud of your heritage; that won’t be enough to make all English speakers (native ones, and those who learned it for convenience) decide to learn it. Really, the only way to change that is to have a major war where the non-English side bans English education (it’s the language of the enemy) and then wins (becomes the new “rich country”). This would result in a generation of very rich people who never learned English, so the rest will adapt to whatever they speak as they need to trade with them.

          • You notice your whole argument is plain bullshit? We should all speak english why? Because their native speakers combined have the largest buying power in the world? Damn, then we should all learn chinese since it’s the language with most speakers in the world, that would be much less an effort! Or we can make it one language foir the east and one for the west and learn spanish, since it’s the “western language” with most speakers then!
            Face it, “you should learn to communicate with me” is flawed logic, no matter how you slice it. You can make the effort if you want, but you can’t demand people to make the same effort in turn.

          • Don’t you think this approach is unfair? It’s like saying “We don’t care about your culture and how it’s so different from ours, just speak English – the greater language!” ๐Ÿ™‚ Exactly because this is happening, every single English translation of a Japanese game, that I know, changes the original into some very different game. And that usually ruins all the communication :/