Tatsuki Now Hiring “A New Anime Project!?”

Former Kemono Friends director Tatsuki has attracted attention once again after posting a tweet stating that he is looking for two seiyuu, yet another opportunity for the accomplished creator to get fired from another beloved franchise.

The tweet:

“We are looking for seiyuu. Maybe for an Irodori work, 2 women who can record within Tokyo, if possible. Preferably someone with experience in the business of anime, please. Please provide a self introduction + voice samples according to the below image by way of email by the 20th. Then you will be contacted by recruiters. We’re be waiting for you~”

Many are assuming that the seiyuu are required for a new project the former director is working on, as previously teased by this visual showing off two new cute characters:

Tatsuki was the former director of the wildly popular Kemono Friends, before being forcefully booted from the project for giving fans free content without permission from the almighty Kadokawa.

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