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Nintendo Sues Colopl For $40 Million: “You Stole Our Touchscreen Joystick!”

Seeking to once again assert their dominance, Nintendo will be suing Japanese mobile game company Colopl for $40 million due to them infringing their copyrights, one of the patents being a touchscreen based joystick that both decent and cash-in smartphone games have been using for years.

Colopl has been accused of violating 5 of Nintendo’s technology patents with their game “Shironeko Project“, a mobile phone game that can be played with one finger and has been in existence since 2014, naturally making many wonder why Nintendo bothered to act only just now.

It is believed that the Nintendo joystick patent being referred to is the Nintendo DS Wrist Strap which allowed players to utilize the touchscreen as a joystick:

Negotiations between Colopl and Nintendo over the patent violations (the other 4 are currently unknown at the moment) have apparently been in progress for over a year, but Nintendo has finally decided to simply sue for $40 million, a decision that Colopl has described as unfair.

Colopl has also provided their fans with a message via Shironeko Project’s official website:

Thank you for always enjoying Shironeko Project.

On January 10th, Nintendo had announced that it will be filing a lawsuit against Colopl for patent infringement.

We at Colopl believe that Nintendo’s claims are unfair, as we believe that we have not infringed any of their patents.

From here on, we will clarify the validity of our opinion in court.

We apologize greatly for the inconvenience at this time, it is truly inexcusable.

For all you users who are always supporting us, we will continue to further improve our services. We humbly hope you enjoy Shironeko Project to the fullest.

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