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Naruto Animator Triggers Fans With Naruto Sex

A Naruto animator infuriated fans online after posting a short animation featuring Naruto waking up in the morning with his wife before clasping her breast and bringing her back down for a 2nd round, angering fans at the thought that a married couple would be having sex or that one of the show’s staff would ink such a monstrous scenario.

Chengxi Huang, the animator who made the cute and harmless animation, originally posted it on his Twitter page, only to be bombarded with hatred from fanboys and forcing him to eventually take it down.

This led Huang to apologize for his inexcusable actions whilst explaining that he didn’t want to trouble his company and other related parties.

The controversial animation:

Others have speculated that the rage may have simply stemmed from fans still angry at Naruto not choosing a certain despised female character as his waifu…

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