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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Enters “Open Beta”, Teases DLC Characters

Long-suffering Western fans of of the Final Fantasy-themed 3D fighting franchise are now able to sample the game on PS4 and speculate on the identity of six new characters.

The open beta is running from the 12th of January until the 21st, although some might wonder whether a preview of a game that has already been finished should in fact be called a “demo”; Japanese gamers have been able to play the final version since Wednesday. In order to ensure that fans play the game throughout the open beta period, the character roster will rotate at regular intervals.

Square Enix have also dropped hints about the identity of six future DLC characters, who can be purchased in bulk with the use of an extortionately-priced “season pass” (to be priced at ¥4000 in Japan).

According to the pre-launch live stream, posted on the morning before the game’s release, there will be one returning female character from games VIII-XV, as well five characters who are completely new to the Dissidia series: three males and one female from the newer half of numbered Final Fantasy games, and one male from instalments I-VII.

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