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China: “Not Sorting Trash = Damaged Credit Scores”

Residents of China’s Zhejiang province will find their credit scores to be complete trash if they fail to sort their garbage, yet another attempt from the Chinese government to punish those not actively performing as an upright citizen.

A new regulation recently passed in Zhejiang can condemn enterprises, organizations and individuals who don’t sort their trash, causing them to be dealt an infraction to their credit histories and impairing their eligibility for credit.

Such a regulation was likely made to encourage citizens to not be lazy slobs considering the province (and other parts of China) has overwhelming issues with proper garbage disposal, as seen by many at the country’s luxurious beaches.

The appears to be a part of China’s massive endeavor towards creating a “social credit score” for all citizens by 2020, a rating that would be altered based upon a person’s misdeeds (and explicitly tied to their online accounts) and will be used as a way to punish citizens by denying them opportunities or services.

According to Washington Post’s China correspondent, more of these such laws are coming into effect:

While harsh, such an aggressive push (as previously done in regards to pollution) may be needed to aid in helping China clean up its act

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