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Sole Food: “Girl’s Foot” Flavoured Fried Chicken Truly Degenerate

Restaurant chain Tenka Torimasu has plumbed new depths by offering natto-covered fried chicken that promises to replicate the taste, smell and stickiness of a young woman’s feet.

In an artistic collaboration with masked idol group “Kamen Joshi”, the restaurant chain claims to have captured the essence of a girl’s sole in its new recipe by combining the uniquely Japanese delicacy of natto with chunks of karaage fried chicken, although it is likely that other secret ingredients will have been used.

This is not the first time the group has joined forces with Tenka Torimasu in order to offer products to perverted idol otaku: last summer, they sold girl’s sweat-flavoured fried chicken, which claimed to replicate the refreshing odour of a young women working hard to succeed as an idol.

Those who a penchant for unhygienic young ladies may now enjoy foot flavoured chicken for a limited time at participating restaurants for the disgustingly reasonable price of 400 yen.

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