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Fan Club Leader Sends Ayana Taketatsu 7,000 Death Threats

Azunyan seiyuu Ayana Taketatsu’s own fan club sent her sent over 7,000 threatening emails, a deluge which only ended with the arrest of their leader.

The 30-year-old former “leader” of the fan club, hailing from Shizuoka, was suspected of sending a nonstop torrent of threatening letters to the seiyuu’s agency from a manga cafe in Kakegawa starting July 2017, sending such disturbing messages such as “I will absolutely never forgive you. Die Die Die!” – and it was also revealed that the angered otaku was at one point the leader of her fan club.

What exactly the disgruntled seiyuu worshiper was so angry about was not divulged (though some may expect it to be due to Taketatsu’s earlier betrayal of her fans), but he has admitted to the charges; further investigation revealed that Ayana’s agency has received over 7,000 such emails since 2014, and police are attempting to see if they are all connected with the triggered fan’s tantrum.

Taketatsu herself commented on the frightful ordeal:

“I’ve passed many days in fear these past few years… just with emails, I don’t know how many tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands there were. There was also scary stuff that was never reported.

But it’s OK! I’m happy. So please don’t worry. Look forward to seeing me as happy as ever next time, everyone!”

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