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Chinese Dating Apps “Swindled $150 Million”

Chinese police have forced scores of Chinese-made dating apps to shut down by after it was discovered that all their female users were bots trying to bilk gullible males of their hard-earned cash.

Smartphone apps associated with 21 Chinese companies were terminated by police, leading to the arrest of over 600 suspects responsible for creating or managing robots that pretended to be potential female companions and demanded gifts or coaxed real male users into coughing up cash (a common scam that is present in the west as well, but considered a menial threat by police).

Investigations initially began back in August after police followed a case regarding one app that was fraudulently charging users to view non-existent pornography, leading to the discovery that their employees were creating fake accounts in order to extract cash from users.

Despite the obvious dangers of such scams in China, it is suspected that thousands of thirsty suckers threw away over 1 billion yuan ($154 million) in hopes of appeasing such “easy women” – although the realisation that nobody involved with Ashley Madison’s scammery was every arrested should wipe the smiles of the faces of smug westerners.

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