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Touhou 15.5 Gets Final Steam Release: “But Still Only In 720p!”

After successful trial runs last year, Steam users are now able to enjoy the final release of psychedelic 2D fighting game “Touhou 15.5: Antinomy of Common Flowers”, although an official English translation – hinted at by co-creators Twilight Frontier – still seems to be some way off.

Feedback to Zun’s most recent excursion into foreign waters – this is only the second official Touhou game to be released on this platform – has largely been positive. Indeed, in keeping with Steam tradition, many buyers have recommended the game after spending a staggering 12 minutes reviewing it.

Criticisms mainly concern technical matters, with users having to rename files to make the game run and finding themselves limited to a display resolution of 1280×720 – inability to offer users anything more than bare-bones display options is (sadly) not unheard of for Japanese developers, with RPG giants Square Enix having received multiple criticisms for not allowing the kind of customisation that PC gamers are used to. The inexcusable absence of honking catgirl Chen has also caused mild consternation.

The latest entry to the popular series does at least see the debut of new characters Jo’on and Shion Yorigami, respectively gods of pestilence and poverty.

Those fans of fighting games, infectious dance music and flashing colours who are undeterred by the $24.99 price tag for a product with no English translation, graphics options or Chen may buy it now. Those who are still on the fence about whether to purchase the game may find that the trailers answer some their questions:

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