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William Shatner “A Love Live Fan!”

William Shatner (Captain Kirk) bewildered his legions of fans on Twitter with his familiarity with the Love Live franchise, naturally prompting them to start bombarding him with questions regarding his “secret otaku double life.”

Shatner – already known for his shitposting and memeing skills – was initially asked a Love Live question by a fan on Twitter:

Surprisingly, Shatner unveiled his favorite Love Live idol:

He later followed that up with a jab towards fan favorite Yazawa Nico:

Crunchyroll was even tempted to ask him what his favorite Love Live Sunshine idol was:

Fans were quick to point out his error however:

Idol enthusiasts also tried to make him decide which was the better franchiseIdolMaster or Love Live:

Unfortunately the man has yet to provide a response, though some will no doubt point out that one came before the other…

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