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Dead or Alive Series Team “We’re Done”




Some rather confusing messages have been sent out by the Dead or Alive series team at a recent tournament, with game director Yohei Shimbori seemingly implying that there might not be a new Dead or Alive game for quite some time – a disappointing assumption that has enraged a handful of fans.

It was announced that support and DLC for Dead or Alive 5 will finally be coming to an end after 5 years, news that naturally had many hyped up for a potential new entry in the series – however, this anticipation transformed into rage, for some:

Those online had some choice words for the development team:

“Motherfucker, this better mean they’re working on DOA6.”

“How are you going to hype your fanbase up for an announcement and then pretty much kill their hopes in dreams. Not even Capcom is stupid enough to do that LOL”

“What future?”

“Are they going to stop the Xtreme Volleyball series too? Please No!”

“Seriously, what future are you talking about Team Ninja? You stabbed me and millions of fans of your fighting game franchise in the heart with this announcement.”

“Disappointed that Team Ninja gave false hope to so many loyal fans and just left DOA dead. I only played this game for 3 years and I’m completely heartbroken and betrayed.”

“Wow pathetic no wonder they made all those DLCs just so they can grab as much as they can to fill their pockets. The game has NOT been the same ever since the last director left…”

“Half a decade and all they’ve been doing really is making new skins for models in a video game and charging insane bullshit prices for them, and they’re claiming they have to figure out what they’re going to do next?”

“So they’re just gonna kick the fans in the nuts and then run away with their pockets full? LOL i don’t even…”

Whether or not Dead or Alive 6 will surface anytime soon is now terrifyingly uncertain…

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  • oh lord, who the fuck cares? Well judging by the comments I should be asking WHY do you care? If you’re not happy with the way they are doing things, then why the fuck would you be upset that they think they need to reevaluate their business?
    Why is it a problem if they stop making DLC for the last game or whatever? No game is constantly receiving DLC AFAIK. Can’t you just continue playing the game with what you have, it’s just a fighting game.
    Also I don’t have to say this but you’re not entitled to a sequel. Whether you bought DLC or not, there was never a guarantee only a possibility that buying stuff could endorse a sequel.

  • pshh…good…there are a lot of very good fighting games out there both 2d and 3d that deserves more attention IMO…

    You know with all that money milked from all those lonely guys with their Season passes and BOOBloads of DLC they can make the Dead or Alive franchise into a new game that can contend competitively with the likes of Tekken, Streetfighter, Killer instinct, Injustuce etc.

    I really like the game being as a Virtua Fighter-esque scrapper with jiggly bits…but when I don’t say it out to other people because of its stigma being a dress up game with fighting mechanics in it…and don’t get me started with the Xtreme Beach spn-off series…some people go to such heights to call it Porn…lmao…

    Get your shit together itagaki and co… I hope this interim would make you see that the novelty of bouncing breasts gets old really fast…polish the game engine…develop new systems that will make the game feel competitive and more fun to play without getting rid of its core mechanics (aka the counters)…and hopefully people will take you more seriously next time…

  • konami made this mistake and the company is now a shell of its former self when they did the exact same things, and team ninja is going to find out & learn that very painful lesson THE HARD WAY ON PISSING AT YOUR FANBASE !

    could you imagine if capcom decided to pretty much end the street fighter franchise? it WILL turn really ugly in a hurry with their fans and “Not even capcom is that suicidal to ever try that!”

  • its possible they might do a complete reboot of the whole franchise.

    however i fear this announcement which more or less officially the franchise’s death sentence is really going to bite them in the ass AND in their wallets, cause from now on or until a new DOA game is out, any new game they make will probably be boycotted in sheer protest.

    konami made this mistake and the company is now a shell of its former self when they did the exact same things, and team ninja is going to find out & learn that very painful lesson THE HARD WAY ON PISSING AT YOUR FANBASE !

    could you imagine if capcom decided to pretty much end the street fighter franchise? it WILL turn really ugly in a hurry with their fans and “Not even capcom is that suicidal to ever try that!”

    • They don´t need this motherfucker Itagaki. Hayashi did more for the DOA-Franchise that Itagaki had ever do. Just look at DOA4, how bad it was!
      Itagaki´s DOA5 would be a flop, he never cared about the community or their oppinios. He just said: “I´m the DOA-Community – deal with it!”
      I´m glad, that Itagaki is not by TN anymore. Because of him, DOA4 and Ninja Gaiden 2 were such bad games.

      • DoA4 is way better than so-called DoA5 (which lost all of the series’ identity and spirit) and Ninja Gaiden II is way better than Sigma 2 and, eh, so-called Ninja Gaiden 3. Team Ninja Dog is NOTHING without Itagaki.

  • Interview with game director Yohei Shimbori should’ve gone like this:

    Interviewer: So Dead or Alive-
    Yohei: Dead this time.
    Interviewer: I see, that’s an unfortunate turns of events.
    Yohei: Don’t worry, we’ll come back alive sometime in the future.
    Interviewer: Well, good luck with such a future! *drops mic, while laughing and walking away*

    • No, they made a billion dollars “worth” of DLC, assuming anybody was stupid enough to buy all that laughably overpriced shit.

      I’m just kidding, I know a LOT of idiots were stupid enough to buy it.

  • Fuck them! They lied to their fans when they said that DOA5 Last Round was going to be the definitive edition with no more DLCs that could change the game mechanics or playability; stating that all the new DLCs would be sthetical. But later they broke their promise, and released new pay characters.

      • Mid-late 2020s? Are you on crack?

        This generation of consoles is entering its fifth year already. They’re not ‘new’ by any stretch. By the standards of most console generations, they’d be right around the end of their lifespan. Granted, this generation will probably be longer than most due to model of iterative improvement (xbox one x, ps4 pro), but do you really expect this console generation to last 15 years?

        That’s bonkers.

        • Sony has already hit their 70 million milestone too with the PS4. I think my late 2019/2020 estimate was fair. They will unveil in 2019 and release 2020. They after all will be under pressure from developers for more powerful hardware for the next generation of games.

          The person who said 2021/2022 is an idiot, that would be an 8-9 year cycle, the PS3 didn’t last that long. The PS4 got released 7 years after the PS3.

        • I don’t even understand why anyone would think this makes sense in the console or PC realm. It’s one thing for Nintendo now having gone primarily handheld with the Switch but in terms of standard PC architecture we’re coming up on a very limited amount of advancement.

          New consoles as a whole doesn’t make sense on the Sony and Microsoft side (lol, as if Microsoft makes sense at all when PC exists and has almost everything it does and does everything it does and better).

          Newer slightly better versions like they’re doing are what make the most sense because that’s how technology is going at this point. This is not the 30’s through 90’s when we had huge leaping advancements every year.

          • it’s all the 4k rage now days tho that’s why all PS4 PRO games are supposed to play on standard PS4 in 1080P since “NOT EVERY ONE HAS A 4K YET!” Heck my 1080P TV is so old it has a 250ms lag before displaying and outputting sound! so to go full 4k i would need:1 new PC, 1 new TV 1 new PS4 PRO… 2000-4000 $… i sit infront of a 40inch 1080P and STILL would not “need” 4k… take out 4k and the current PS4/Xbox one are enough for the non PCMASTER RACE community! i had a 1080p 75Hz CRT in 2002 but no PC to power full it until 2007 so for the 4k owner it’s the same i guess…

        • 5th year is still too early. The Playstation 3 came out in 2006. Playstation 4 may it’s debut in 2013. So they were making an educated guess that a new one would come out in 6-7 years, which would be in 2019/2020.

          I remember they mentioned that they planned the lifecycle of the Playstation 4/Xbox1 for 10 years minimum. That’s why we got an upgrade model in the 5th year. However, it’s not a next-gen console.

          Game development is taking much, much longer compared to the past decades, so this explain the longer lifecycle needed for these console to mature. In otherwords, we may not see a true next-gen console until 2021 or 2022.

  • VenturousArtist says:

    Well, since that’s finally out of the way, I think it’s time all of the original main games were ported with enhanced material. Bring them and so would the cash so they’ll have more than enough to create DOA6, bring the Xtreme series, and so on.

    The DLC for DOA5 was either too expensive or shallow. I played with nude mods just to maintain my attention and the story was absolutely terrible. Perhaps a break is great for them but I would absolutely love the original games brought to more audiences on modern day platforms.

    Start with Steam though.

  • They fucked up… Its that simple, they thought they could revive a 2012 game by shoving eyecandy DLC down our throats for the next 5 fucking years.
    I’m only glad they were dumb enough to port it to PC allowing modders to make better outfits than their cash DLC packs that cost more than a game.

    This is good news to me b/c the team needs to take a couple of years off and recuperate the franchise with meaningful ideas. The fans maybe salty, but do you want them doing the same shit in DOA6? hell no

    • Take a couple of years off? They had 5 years to do that with all the DLC releases. Creating new outfits is a lot less work than building a new game engine for the next generation of their dying series. They’re done. They’re staying dead this time. They’re out of ideas, because they really don’t know how to innovate anymore or be creative.

  • Dead or alive has been shit since Playstation 1!!

    they were just milking the dumb-shits with cheap DLC!

    the fans have shit-for-brains so it was easy for team-ninja to fool them!! they emulated a PS3 game on the PS4. it looks outdated and sega/am2 were fools to let them use virtua fighter.

    DOA will always look plastic because Japan dont care to push visuals. some say PS5 will be revealed at e3 2018 but DOA/ninja gay-den will not do the hardware justice!!

    But photo-realism is a joke once the charactor starts to talk and you see the skin and muscle move it still reminds me of the old Shenmue. and that goes for western developers too.

  • Thats happend for created a Fighting game and turn him into a fanservice game without any interesting thing to only put stupid 0 charisma new chars like rose (for pedos japs) and honoka (for retards) and tons of useless dlcs who are only clothes…is the true..the fighting saga and the Xtreme saga have 0 innovations to fill them with pure dlcs and cool graphics….. bah.