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Terraria Triggers Feminists: “The Game is Misogynistic!”


2D sandbox title Terraria has become the next target of angry feminists due to an in-game event called the “Blood Moon” which causes female NPCs to become irritable and speak more aggressively, with joking about a woman’s monthly cycle now apparently a triggering offense.

As always, the controversy began with a Tweet from an angered feminist who discovered Terraria’s wiki had a description about the Blood Moon event which stated “During a Blood Moon, most female NPCs use more irritable or aggressive dialogue than normal. This may be a reference to the menstrual cycle”.

The Tweet (with the account’s owner going into full safe space mode to block out replies):


Naturally other feminists and SJWs chimed in and began labeling the game as misogynistic:




Hardcore players of Terraria however have noted that the Blood Moon event has existed in the game for over 6 years…

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