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Cop Vanishes “After Spending ¥300,000 on Smartphone Game”


A cop was reported missing after his parents found out that he spent ¥300,000 on a smartphone game, the shame of dicovery or fury of his parents apparently being too great a burden to bear.

A police officer in his twenties working at a police station in Nagasaki prefecture – after discovering that his parents found out he spent ¥300,000 on a smartphone game – disappeared for four days, either fearing their rage or the great shame of being a hopeless P2W gambling addict.

When the officer was at the police station on February 2nd, he learned from his mother via phone call that a credit card bill arrived to his parent’s home, the man then fabricated an excuse so that he could leave work early and since then he “disappeared” – his parents were unable to contact him for four days, prompting them to issue a missing person notification.

The obsessed smartphone gamer was found the next day by a Yamaguchi prefectural police officer in Shimonoseki City, who found the man traveling around in a private car – he has since been subjected to disciplinary action.

According to police, the man was scolded by his parents after they found bills demanding tens of thousands of yen for a smartphone game (even though he promised them that he would stop), the heavy-spender later stated that he disappeared because “it’s scary when they get mad, so I thought I would run away until the money was all used up.”

Naturally, many are curious to know what game was so compelling that he was motivated to spend ¥300,000 on it…

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