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Love Live Otaku “Don’t Trespass Onto Private Property!”


Love Live! otaku have apparently been causing trouble yet again as the franchise’s official website has released a statement requesting fans refrain from trespassing onto private property or taking photographs without permission, possibly indicating that they have already been doing both things egregiously.

The message available on Love Live’s official website:

– A Note on Tourism in Numazu City –

“As always, thank you for showing support for Love Live Sunshine.

There is a request for those visiting Numazu City and Uchiura in Shizuoka Prefecture, where a stage for Love Live Sunshine is taking place.

When visiting the site, please be careful not to inconvenience the school, shops or neighborhood residents.

Taking photographs of schools and private areas, school students or local residents without permission can be legally troublesome.

Especially Uchiura district’s Ookawa family tenement house gate which is a private residence, do not take any photographs or enter the private property including the exterior, we ask repeatedly, please heed this advice.

All the local people of Love Live Sunshine’s home town understand that it exists solely due to its presence.

To all fans and people of the home town aiming for a new and loved ‘story that will come true for everyone’, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.”

Similarly, even IdolMaster otaku have to be told to calm down on occasion

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