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CG World Awards 2017 Nominees Announced


The 2017 edition of the CG World Awards has had its nominees for best CG animation announced, with the list’s inclusion of bestially themed series surely having fans heartily anticipating its win.

The entries for the CG animation division:

1. Seikaisuru Kado


2. Kemono Friends


3. Blame!


4. Houseki no Kuni


5. Sylvanian Families: Mini Story


6. Movie Pretty Cure Dreamstars!


7. Snack World


8. Nyanbo


9. Movie Kuma no Gakkou Patissier Jackie to Ohisama no Sweets


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  • I want to point out that a few animes such that Tales of Zestiria use heavy CG but people never noticed. I mean, most of them can’t even tell where the polygons are bleeding in games like Pokemon XY.
    What ends up on this list are either not-that-good CG (bad enough so people actually see it), or marketed CG (so they are aware of it even though they can’t tell).

  • from the list i have only watched 3 things.
    1 or 2 chapters of Seikaisuru Kado and i think their combination between cg and 2d animation was good.

    Blame! trailer was amazing, but then i watched the movie and i got kinda disapointed, in both, cgi and adaptation… cgi was pretty good, much much better than sidonia or ajin, but what can i say, i dont like cgi….

    in Houseki no Kuni even when i dont like cgi, i feel that it fits complety this series. maybe its less detailed than the others, but animation feels much more fluid, so my vote goes for this one. =)

  • Kemono Friends is legendary, but i don’t think it’s animations deserve to be called “the best” it may set low standards for upcoming artists, KF’s animations is something that just fit and was part of it’s charm but i don’t think you can get lucky twice in a row.

  • Kado was really beautiful. But the plot was deeply shit. As for Kemono, the plot is marvelous but the CG is not that great.

    I think Houseki no Kuni has the more chances on this. Blame was truly outstanting tho. Let’s just wait and see.

    • Yes, but including Kemono Friends as a nominee means that more news stories will be done about the CG World Awards, thus raising knowledge that such an award exists. I hadn’t heard of that award before now.

      Very wise bit of marketing on the award’s part.

    • Considering the work required, yes, yes it is. And when you consider the pay as well, it becomes obvious why CG is used more and more.

      The funny thing is that if Japan had started to export their anime themselves, decade or two ago, they wouldn’t have the issues they are now facing. Who the fuck pays 50$ for a DVD with 2 episodes? That’s more than retarded, that’s fucking ludicrous.