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Top 10 Kanji of the Year, According to Otaku


Otaku have given their opinion regarding the best kanji of the year (a subject that few likely think about), with the list boasting a variety of references to anime that aired this year, including one immensely popular and original series at first place.

The kanji ranking as created by otaku:

1. 獣 (Kemono)

2. 妹 (Imouto)

3. 銀 (Kane, Gin)

3. 友 (Tomo)

5. 松 (Matsu)

6. 兎 (Usagi)

6. 輝 (Kagayaku)

6. 刀 (Katana)

9. 豊 (Yutaka)

9. 再 (Sai)

The Chinese kanji for “north” (北) has also been selected as Japan’s “kanji of the year” due to the ongoing situation with North Korea (and their missiles which flew over Hokkaido), Little Rocketman’s theatrics apparently having had an impact yet again – a “kanji promotion organization” located in Kyoto chose the kanji though, so the beastly little sisters occupying the minds of anime fans had little impact.

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