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Nintendo Switch “Sells 10 Million in 9 Months”


Nintendo has announced that the highly coveted Nintendo Switch has managed to sell 10 million consoles worldwide, with the feat surprisingly being accomplished slower in comparison to the PS4 – though the PS4 never had as drastic of issues regarding shortages.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé commented on the milestone:

“As you can see in people’s living rooms, on a plane or riding the subway, fans all over the world can enjoy playing Nintendo Switch wherever they go. The response from fans has been great, and we’re doing our very best to satisfy demand during the holiday shopping season.”

Sony reached 10 million sales with their PS4 only 270 days after its launch, the Nintendo Switch however accomplished this 284 days post-launch; the minuscule difference seemingly rather negligible, though other extraneous factors such as shortages have not been taken into consideration.

Despite the abundance of sales, it seems buyers are not particularly interested in the Switch’s portability (which was touted as one of the system’s central features)…

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  • The biggest problem facing developers porting to the Switch is the cost of Nintendos cartridges. We’re seeing a bunch of games requiring you to download the rest of the game before playing. Games like LA Noire, Doom, WWE 2k18 etc.

    They need to employ some heavy duty compression if need be, or downgrade the textures.

    Because at the moment we’re seeing a lot of rush job ports that run and look like shit with stupidly high file sizes.

  • This isn’t surprising at all. As someone who has been gaming since the Atari 2600 days, the Switch has had the best first year line up of games in gaming history. Without question. And it’s been consistently good since launch with no draughts during this last 9 months.

    Also, regarding the article’s mention of people not being interested in the console’s portability, that is completely false. Nintendo has presented the data, and more people actually play the Switch in portable mode than docked mode. And the vast majority use both modes equally (which is the selling point).

  • I’ve just ordered one based on the opening 30 minutes of Xenoblade 2. Monilith Soft you are good. And then I hear Bayo 3 is coming! Along with Mario Odyssey, getting a switch is just inevitable if you are a fan of good games. I do agree the portable aspect is not appealing though.

  • shortages? The ARTIFICIAL ones NINTENDO is saying it has to keep that thing in trend? Being cheaper and having this artificial shortage to keep it hot in the minds of the fanboys is just another EA like strategy to keep selling this hybrid…well, Nintendarts will keep pushing Nintendo and its ways forward no matter what anyway…

  • And yet most games are either full priced ports and…more ports for the next year. Only good games are quite literally only 3 – I don’t count splatoon 2: that’s an expansion, not a sequel.
    Don’t take me wrong, I’m fine with ports if they’re good, but didn’t the wii u fail because all they had were fully priced ports with no dlc attached?

    PS: no wonders nobody uses the portability: it lasts less than my solo performance in the bathroom. Even my Vita lasts longer and they bashed it for its battery charge!

    • It’s for those people that don’t have time to play real games. Let them have their fun, too. Think of it like watching a bunch of mentally retarded kids on a playground. You know they will never understand true greatness but their laughter is momentarily amusing.

      • Don’t take me wrong, I like their previous consoles: I loved my ds, I “liked” the 3ds, and I even enjoyed my wii and wiiu respectively, and even my gamecube and N64 – alongside my playstations and heck even my dreamcast.

        It’s just that the switch lacks on so many levels – both games and features – but everyone seems “fine” because “It’s nintendo derpy derp!”.
        Meanwhile, ps3 had to reduce their price drastically to make the console sell and xbox one dropped the always online drm to avoid backlash…

        Thank God I didn’t grow up with Nintendo…

        • Too many ports of games that have been out for years..not enough original worthwhile content. Mario is the same garbage over and over..the system just lacks anything that makes it stand out beyond portability. Plus you’ll look like a fucking nerd if you whip that shit out on a bus.

        • Indeed, I just got Xenoblade 2 too and that game was a massive disappointment and big downgrade over X1 and XX, both very good despite the “controversy” of Xeno X.

          Right now I’m gonna wait for – ironically – bayo 1 and 2 port because I do want to replay the first and i barely touched the second, but the switch needs to amp up their lineup because ps4 has quite some nice games coming next.