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Female Defendant Shamed “Denied Bra in Court”


Osaka lawyers have condemned a decision by police to deny a female defendant the right to wear a bra in court, calling it to be a violation of her human rights.

The Osaka Bar Association stated in a written petition that the woman (who was in her forties and being detained at Osaka’s prefectural police department) was denied her request to wear a bra during the hearing of her first trial, with a police official retorting that defendants held at a detention facility are not allowed to wear them as they could be used to inflict self-harm – but can usually wear one once in court upon request.

This forced the woman to have to “shamefully” wear a cardigan over her top, with the lawyer group claiming that the denial to wear a bra “severely hurt the woman’s sense of shame”.

A detention official at the police department however stated that they were “not aware of such a request” from the defendant, with the woman apparently assuming that the police should have known to give her one and possibly making her responsible for the entire situation.

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