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PlayStation 4 Sales “Over 70 Million”


Sony has managed to sell 70.6 million PS4 consoles worldwide, with the fact that the console is still desired years after its release bound to have some surprised considering the colossal lines often appearing for a certain competitor

As of December 3rd, the console has managed to make its way into the hands of over 70 million consumers, with more than 617 million games also being sold at both retailers and via digital downloads – PlayStation’s virtual reality headset has also made some headway with its 2 million units sold and over 12 million copies of VR titles sold.

Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House gave a statement on these achievements:

“We are delighted that so many people are enjoying the unique entertainment proposition of PlayStation 4 and that an emerging technology like PlayStation VR continues to gain traction.

I cannot thank our fans and partners enough. Their support, since the launch of the very first PlayStation in 1994, has helped to make PlayStation one of the biggest console gaming network in the world.

We will continue to work closely with partners to maintain this momentum and remain steadfast in making PS4 the best place to play.”

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