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New Gatebox Hatsune Miku Model Prettier Than Ever



Vinclu Inc. (the company offering otaku not only a virtual companion but the opportunity to marry 2D characters) has unveiled a new Hatsune Miku model as part of her special campaign, utilizing LEN[A-7]’s design and sure to have Vocaloid otaku looking forward to having the virtual diva as part of their sad lonely hovels.

For those unfamiliar, the Gatebox character acts as an assistant who controls all electronic devices within the user’s home, but can also provide them with emotional support and comfort by being with them through all their mundane tasks.

The new model:

A previous video showing off the Hatsune Miku Gatebox:

The model is apparently still in-development and could end up looking different – Hatsune Miku will be available starting March 9th of next year.

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