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Fate/Grand Order VR “Is Exactly Like The TMA AV!?”




Fate/Grand Order VR feat Mashu Kyrielite’s recent release on the PlayStation Store has unsurprisingly been showered with praise by Mashu Kyrielite enthusiasts as the game provides a gratuitous amount of fanservice, with some of its content also apparently bearing an exact resemblance to TMA’s AV parody…

As many would expect, the game boasts plenty of fanservice, such as this scene featuring ridiculous yet moe dancing:

More adventurous players have unfortunately been held back however as peeking behind the curtain when Mashu is changing yields no success:

The game apparently also has Saber despite having Mashu’s name in the title:


An extensive look at the game:

The game also shocked other fans as they realized TMA’s porn parody of Fate/Grand Order (Faith/Grand Orgasm) had a lot of similarities to the VR title (despite being released back in July):





The most likely explanation that theorists have come up with is that TMA may have attended the playable demo events back in spring (before the July release of their AV) and took inspiration; Fate/Grand Order VR feat Mashu Kyrielite is in any case available for free now on PS4 VR via the PlayStation Store.

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