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Boku no Hero Academia Movie Announced


Superhero series Boku no Hero Academia has accrued enough attention to warrant its own animated film, something that fans could no doubt predict considering its success both anime-wise and in regards to its manga (despite its concept being highly generic and done countless times before).

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump delivered the news:


The movie will supposedly feature original content but not much else was revealed; the movie is set to debut sometime in 2018.

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  • You see this generic and cliche thing all the time now but what do people expect. They use generic and cliche stories/plots/characters because it sells and sells well. We have got to the point now where truly original themes with absolutely nothing seen before in them are becoming very rare due to the sheer amount of stuff out there.

    • don’t be stupid. it has a lot of good things going on for itself. the fact fact that it has some normal shounen “cliche” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t build on top of its predecessors to make a great manga/anime.

      • The writer is an untalented retard hackjob, and it shows.

        Hey, nighteye is dying infront of our eyes, why dont we use this girl we just saved that can rewind the state of a human body to save him?

        Nah, shes tired and sleeping

        Okay, can we have her return mirions power later then?

        Nah, too much effort

        but sir, surely we should have her return All Might to his peak performance?

        Nah, she might lose control and thats bad even though I’m a stupid fucking cunt that can nullify her power should that happen.

      • don’t be stupid. The beginning of the manga was interesting at first but became too cliche and boring. It’s got major pacing issues, sometimes i would look forward to reading a chapter and other times just skimming through quickly because of how boring it was, way too many chapters that felt like fillers.