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Kimi no Na wa “Will Air on TV!”


Absurdly popular anime movie Kimi no Na wa will be making its way to Japanese TV by next year, allowing those too lazy or poor to see it in theaters the opportunity to witness the “truly legendary” film; an inevitable turn of events considering how ridiculously profitable the movie had become.

Originally debuting in theaters in August of 2016, the movie will be broadcasted on TV Asahi on January 3rd; director Makoto Shinkai shared his thoughts on this milestone:

“I would have never imagined that I would see a movie I made air on prime-time television. I’m also starting to feel a bit nervous about how everyone will see this work.

Hundreds of thousands and even millions of people watch the new year’s broadcast at the same time, with various emotions all also occurring at the same moment. I think that enjoying the work with so many people together will be a first experience for those who repeatedly watch movies; I believe I also want to enjoy this experience.”

The unequaled notoriety built up by Kimi no Na wa acquired it not only an AV parody but an upcoming live action Hollywood adaptation.

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