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Sankaku App 2.9 Bursting With Knowledge

Kantai Collection Matsuwa Phone Illustration by Namaata

A veritable treasure trove of information is finding its way in the new 2.9 version of the Sankaku App, as wiki support and an expanded tag interface threaten to make even mobile users learn something new about their favourite characters and franchises.

The changes:

Wiki: Full wiki support has been introduced.
Tags: An updated tag search and tag details interface, integrated with the wiki, is now present.
Search: The filter interface has been further optimised in light of the tag and wiki changes.
Bug fixes: Some further minor fixes.

The update is available for all editions of the Android app: Black, White and Idol. The iOS edition is lagging for the time being but still an option for those in Apple’s ecosystem.

Questions or suggestions, complaints or comments, all are welcome!

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