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Padlock Insertion Locks Up Man’s Urethra


Yet another penis-related incident has been unveiled online, this time involving a Chinese man who somehow shoved a padlock up his urethra…

The 31-year-old man was brought in to a hospital in China’s Fujian province complaining that his “bladder hurt”, and a glimpse at his x-ray photo distinctly showed that a padlock could somehow be seen – leaving doctors feeling quite certain that the invasive item was inserted through his urethra.

Likely surprising no one, the man had to undergo surgery to get the object removed, with surgeons skillfully managing to release the padlock and extract it – however, the man was informed that the grave incident “might have a permanent effect” on his genital region.

The secrets of just how and why the man got the padlock into his bladder unfortunately remain locked away, though speculation naturally tends towar it being a sexual endeavor of some sort.

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