Live Action Dragon Ball Z Fan Film Astounds




Yet another fan film has emerged forth from the Internet, this time paying tribute to the long-standing Dragon Ball Z franchise, replete with fast-paced action, corny dialogue and of course long-drawn out battle cries that (fortunately) do not last minutes in duration.

The rather compelling 35-minute creation:

The Internet has seemingly taken a liking to the fan movie as well, as it has acquired almost 2 million views in 5 days.

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  • Thought it was pretty decent for a fan film. Acting is shite though as expected as they’re just a bunch of YT’ber’s. Best scenes were when Gohan fought the Androids. Can’t wait for the next one to come out in.. another 2 years…

  • Honestly it was pretty good, really good if you keep in mind it was a fan production & not a professional for profit production.

    With that said, some of you may recognize how it plays out as it holds to the “History of Trunks” story line.

    • regardless of if it was a fan production or not it was well done and choreographed and kept true to the source material for the origin story of trunks, With that being said that should have been the movie we got rather than what we had……

  • You’d think Hollywood would get it with this franchise.

    I mean, you could follow the source material and make it an action(Martial arts orientated with power blasts per source) movie without much problem. You could cast per the source without much problem. Plenty of guys with muscles and martial arts experience exist that could easily form Goku and his team.

    But why the fuck would they think oh yeah, lets do Dragon Ball Evolution? Jesus christ lmfao.

    • Easy – the guys who were making DB Evolution? They don’t give a flying shit about DB franchise. I doubt that anyone have watched it beyond few episodes.

      They were just making it cuz it’s popular with the crowd.