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Shoko-tan Devours Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon


Pussy-sucking guro artist Shoko Nakagawa has disturbed the internet yet again as she has obsessed over the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, naturally reveling in her purchases by carrying them around in her mouth – which she has done on other occasions, strangely enough.

Shoko’s tweet on her purchase of the double package:




“Both sides of the Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Double Package are delicious!”

Her tweet on each individual game:




“Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have gone on sale ━―━―━(゚∀゚)━―━―━―!! Which should I get? Which should I get? Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon? Both are splendid! I have no choice but to live because I can come across new fun games that will enrich my life if I live!”

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  • So did she get toxoplasma gondii yet from licking her cat’s anus? I genuinely feel somewhat concerned. Don’t lick your pets’ orifices, folks, you can get parasites from doing that kinda shit.

    • I’m also kinda surprised they did this. It’s basically what amounts to $5 DLC added to the base game. If you have the originals you won’t really need to buy Ultra Sun & Moon because there’s not enough to justify the full RRP.

      • If only it were either of those things.

        What it really amounts to is they made people pay for a rushed to market out of paranoia 0.8.5 beta version last year and then released a 1.0.1 version this year.

        With no plans to do a proper follow up like in the past.

        And then had the gall to lie about it in interviews, saying it would have more content than Emerald and Platinum, knowing full well people liked those games. Falsely preying on their nostalgia in the worst way possible.

        Fan service preying on nostalgia is one thing, but everyone involved in that interview should be immediately fired. Even if it wasn’t their decision, they knew it was a lie and let it ride. Fuck them all.

        And it’s all stupid because there are signs this Gen was planned for the Switch and were rushed to the 3DS because likely mostly Nintendo was afraid the Switch would fail and wanted to keep the 3DS as a backup meaning they had to have a Pokémon game for it.

        So it got bum port rushed out the door on the 3DS last year when it likely would’ve been a September/October release this year.

        Which wouldn’t even have been so bad if they’d actually done this years right. There should have been a Switch version too.

        This is only the second time in the series that a third version has truly made sense.

        Yes, for example, B2/W2 came out for the DS/i after the 3DS released, but it could played on the 3DS at least and the i/XL and 3DS even had additional features over the DS/lite.

        Hell, it was definitely right to put it on the 3DS as well but this could have easily been another Crystal despite what idiots were saying.

        Crystal required the GBC while all of the others up to that point could be played on the original GB line. So while US/UM should have been on the 3DS too, the argument that “they’ve never jumped systems mid-Gen” wasn’t one against even it being solely on the Switch because it was blatantly false.

        And now Nintendo is barking at their heels to get a brand new Gen out next year.

        The only way I can see this working out is if they return to a remake of Kanto again because at least most of the work is already done.

        Not that that is really working out considering most of us don’t want another Kanto game specifically.

        I, for one, would love to go back there again but as a second region later in the timeline, not just another remake.

        If only they’d actually used Ultra Space as a way to travel there for the post game. Would’ve made more sense than the sad attempt at nostalgia blinding we got in TRR.