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34 School Boys “Posed as Girls” in Enko Scam


Hordes of clever high school boys have been caught robbing desperate men of their hard-earned cash by masquerading as girls online, an ingenious plot that cruelly took advantage of men seeking a real relationship (or at least the virgin beta’s willingness to throw money at a girl he has not even inseminated).

An overwhelming total of 34 boys at a private school in Nagoya City were involved in the scandal, all of whom (over the course of 18 days) used a smartphone dating app to disguise themselves as high school girls while demanding money from lonely males – their school distributed information on this fraudulent crime to the police.

According to the school, some of the students put their plan into motion during summer vacation, scrounging up portraits of random women online and registering them as their profile pictures; the imposters would then send messages to potential male victims, stating “If you want to meet me, send me money”.

The devious boys were managing to accrue ¥1000-5000 per victim (in some cases they bilked as much as ¥25,000); three boys in particular who were friends and members of the school sports club collected their money via gift certificates issued through Amazon, purchasing sports paraphernalia such as spiked shoes and practice uniforms for their club activities.

Perhaps the young criminals noticed how easy it had become for schoolgirls to make money (simply by selling their pantsu for instance) and merely wanted equal whoring opportunities – regardless, Aichi prefectural police are investigating the situation with the aid of the school and, not being actual girls, they may even face some form of punishment.

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