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“18 Killed” Crash Site Selfie Sparks Outrage


A reporter who gleefully posted a smiling selfie of herself amidst the burnt ruins of a crash which claimed 18 lives now finds herself at the center of an equally intense social media conflagration.

The gruesome traffic accident occurred at an Anhui expressway in China, with a “sudden fog” causing collisions and leaving 18 people dead and another 21 injured – and over 30 vehicles piled in a flaming heap.

Footage of the accident’s horrifying aftermath:

Despite such devastation, a reporter from Fuyang’s Yingxiang Traffic Radio happily stood around taking selfies of herself amidst the chaos, subsequently uploading the photos to the Internet and causing Chinese netizens to go ballistic – some of the comments:

“At 7:45 in the morning of the 15th, 30 vehicles collided, leaving 18 people dead and 21 wounded. Yet this Fuyang Radio presenter poses at the scene of the crash with a man in uniform grinning from ear to ear. Don’t you have a conscience? Don’t you have any personal integrity in your work?”

“She has no humanity at all. So many people have died, and she is still playing around with selfies, is that human? Just seeing this scene, my heart feels so upset. I hope the relevant authorities in Anhui will teach her a lesson.”

“This person should be fired from the press.”

“Nauseating. This is shameless.”

“This is crazy.”

“So young and ignorant.”



Following the backlash, the reporter posted an apology video on her social media; the damage had already been done however as the Fuyang Traffic Radio station announced that she has been fired regardless.

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